Venice has evolved greatly over the past 30 years, transitioning from a rough, urban bohemia to the more posh bohemia it is today.  Using this as our primary inspiration, we employed the use of smooth and rough textures throughout the restaurant with various textured tiles, rope, cement, and white oak. Being that the Rose cafe was such a local icon, it was important that we retained certain aspects of the original space so that long time guests would have the familiarity and memory that comes with it, such as the rose at the entrance.  We wanted create various seating arrangements that are fit for all to enjoy.  Ranging from vibrant cheery fabrics on the main patio, to a modern dual tone rose ave and eventually to a more subdued bar patio which makes it focus the large tree jutting into the space.  Venice has always been known for its rich artistic community in which everyone takes part in expressing there crafty side.  Studio Unltd with the help of local artisans created the macrame’d cords behind the bar.  You will also see the macrame in planters above the communal table in a chandelier custom designed by Studio Unltd.