Spireworks Westwood

Spireworks Westwood


The inspiration for Spireworks came from CFO Bob Kaufman's search to find the best döner kebab in Turkey. This search led him to travel throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East to understand how döner is unique in each region. He saw Spireworks as a haven for the traveling foodie, so we applied a different form of travel as a concept for each location.

The Westwood location of Spireworks was train travel; a major form of transportation in Europe where döner is the #1 street food. As one enters the space, glimpses of the restaurant are slowly revealed through vertical slats as you walk up to the counter; this also creates separation from the seated patrons. The booths suggest train car seating, with a mural of a countryside as seen while moving at high speeds. On the back of the vertical entry slats and throughout the restaurant, images found during travels with their own story were used to layer in the suggestion of memories.