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Vivo 53


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It was very important to ownership that the wood fired oven be the centerpiece of the design, so close attention was paid to this throughout the design process. The brick oven found itself front and center clad in brick reaching 17', where it is divided by an overhead steel canopy, creating a more intimate dining experience. The pizza bar has light marble countertop, fand torched cyprus wood face in a chevron pattern. The overall aesthetic skews 'refined industrial'. A setting with brick tile walls, rich wood cladding above the bar, cleanly finished walnut cabinetry, and booth/banquette seating with bespoke fabric details.  Upon entry, you are greeted by a large firewood display cabinet, with a built-in illuminated V53 logo. The dining room has three roll up doors, which opens the interior up to the elements on nice days. Adjacent to the kitchen, sits a custom designed chefs table under a glittering red chandelier.  

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